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My love for old vehicles actually started with steam locomotives. At the age of 7 I joined up with the Rand Society of Model Engineers and started to learn about steam, from firing and driving of trains to the mechanics and engineering. From there my love for anything mechanically old included vintage cars, bikes, tractors, planes and steam powered vehicles. My first car was a 1974 MINI GTS which I fixed up and drove as an every day car for around 10 years. During that time around the age of 19 years I found my first full restoration project, a 1949 Ford Anglia not far from home. There was a tree growing through the floor boards and out the vinyl top. I cut the tree out, inflated the tires, and worked on the engine where it stood for about 20 years, got her running and drove her home. From that moment I was truly hooked. Since then I have done many restorations, even for the likes of Kim Pratley (Pratley Putty) with his 1930 Model A Ford.
Each car I hire out comes with a professional chauffeur in suit and tie and every car is well maintained.
If you are looking for a classic or have a classic or vintage car in need of restoration or just some maintenance, Give me a shout. I will take on just about any project at super affordable rates.
I now own a fleet of my own cars and hire them out with pride to any function, event and occasion.

Our Collection of Cars

Plymouth 1932

Pontiac 1939

Ford Anglia 1949

Morris Minor 1000 1958

Jaguar 420 1968

MG MGB-GT 1969

Beetle 1973

1956 DKW Shnallaster

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